Wednesday , May 12 2021

Adaptive Biotechnologies and Microsoft work together to track coronavirus battle cells

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Based in Seattle Adaptive biotechnologies and Microsoft have launched one Open access database called ImmuneCODE to catalog the many ways in which our immune system fights off a coronavirus infection.

  • The project uses data from an Adaptive Microsoft clinical trial called ImmuneRACE, as well as unidentified data from thousands of additional samples collected from COVID-19 patients around the world. The researchers hope to investigate how T cells in the patient's blood identify particles of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and target their destruction.
  • Harlan Robins, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of Adaptive Biotechnologies, said in a press release that the project should generate enough data within a few months "to accurately map how the adaptive immune system responds to SARS-CoV-2 from first exposure to clearance using our combined platform for immune medicine and machine learning." Providence Health, the Systems Biology Institute, and BloodWorks Northwest are also involved in the Seattle region.
  • ImmuneCODE aims to identify the most effective T cell responses to viral antigens and use this knowledge to develop better diagnostics, drugs and vaccines. The project could also provide better options for assessing immunity in patients who have recovered from COVID-19. Learn more about Adaptive Biotechnologies' collaboration with Microsoft on COVID-19 studies in this GeekWire Health Tech podcast.

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