Wednesday , May 12 2021

Kylo Crowther

Kylo Crowther is a housewife who is fond of social media. She is also a blogger.

Newzoo: There will be over 3 billion players by 2023

According to market researcher Newzoo, the number of players around the world will exceed 3 billion by 2023. It may sound crazy to expect 39% of people to play games, but Newzoo says we already have 2.69 billion players thanks to mobile devices. And whether you like it or not, …

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Microsoft introduces Outlook Desktop Crash Fix

Microsoft's Outlook email app for Windows crashed today when launched for a large number of users around the world. Office 365 business users reported that Outlook started and crashed immediately, apparently after a recent update. "We are investigating whether a recently released update could be the cause of this problem," …

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ReadyUp launches a platform to track sports and game events

ReadyUp has launched a platform to track sports and game events. The company says its technology automates the process of marketing events and even adds event reminders to attendees' calendars. The platform is the brainchild of Roderick Alemania, a gaming veteran who had to turn hard to find the right …

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