Wednesday , May 12 2021

Kylo Crowther

Kylo Crowther is a housewife who is fond of social media. She is also a blogger.

How to buy a Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch, like everything else that can lighten the mood in this incredibly difficult time, is in short supply. And once retailers like Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart have it in stock, it quickly sells out. Missing the opportunity to buy a switch can be daunting – but don't …

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MixIT AI from Google isolates loudspeakers in audio recordings

In one paper Published on the preprint server, researchers from Google and the University of Illinois Mixed Invariant Training (MixIT) are proposing an unattended approach to separating, isolating, and enhancing the voices of multiple speakers in one audio recording. This approach only requires single-channel (e.g., monaural) acoustic features, and …

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