Tuesday , August 4 2020

Coronavirus projections are converging at concerns over the resurgence of the pandemic

This graph shows the daily COVID-19 death rate in the US as a dark red line, with the moving average still shown as a dotted line to this day. Looking ahead, the projection by the Institute for Health Metrics and Assessment calls for a steady decline (light red dotted line), while the projection by data scientist Youyang Gu calls for a slight increase in daily deaths (dark red dotted line). Both forecasts assume that the rate will largely stabilize in August. The IHME model provides for a plateau of around 550 deaths per day, while the Youyang Gu model peaks above 900 deaths per day. (IHME / COVID19 projections. Com)

The duel projections for the course of the COVID-19 pandemic are expected to converge in a narrower range of estimates for this summer, but the longer-term outlook does not require coronavirus infections to go away quickly.

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