Wednesday , May 12 2021

Intel teases "something big" for September 2nd, probably the start of the 11th generation processor

Intel promises "something big" at an event on September 2, where the 11th generation CPUs are expected to be presented. Intel today sent the date news to press representatives and spiced up a virtual event to show "how Intel is pushing the boundaries of how we work and staying connected."

Intel's 11th generation Tiger Lake processors are likely to be showcased at this event. The chip manufacturer first presented these new 10 nm Tiger Lake CPUs at CES earlier this year. Tiger Lake is expected to be launched under the Intel 11th Gen brand name, will be limited to laptops, and will include a new graphics architecture with Xe architecture.

Intel Event Teaser.

These chips will be the next iteration of the Intel 10nm + architecture that ships on Ice Lake processors, and they should compete with AMD's Ryzen 4000 chips based on a 7nm process. AMD broke into laptops on several fronts this year, especially thin and light gaming notebooks. AMD has proven that it can keep up with both performance and price, and Intel 11th generation chips are likely to respond.

Computex was canceled last month, but laptop manufacturers like Acer have already promised that laptops with 11th generation Intel Tiger Lake chips will ship this fall. It is now up to Intel to present the most important start dates, performance and prices in detail. It certainly looks like September 2nd will be when Intel is ready to talk a lot more about its 11th generation processors.

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