Thursday , November 26 2020

Reddit adds image galleries, making it easier to share multiple images at once

So far, if you wanted to include more than one picture in a single post on Reddit, it was a chore. Most users, especially on mobile devices, had to include links to external photo sharing sites such as Imgur in a post or reply. Today Reddit is adding a new feature called "Image Gallery" that allows you to combine multiple images or GIFs in a single post, even when you are mobile.

Previously, redditters had the ability to upload multiple images directly to the site when using a desktop computer with Reddit redesign enabled. With the Fancy Pants Editor (yes, it is said), users can select multiple pictures and drag them into the post or select the small picture icon and highlight which pictures should be added.

With Reddit's new image galleries, you can now publish up to 20 images or GIFs in a single post, with Reddit supporting multiple videos in one post "shortly after launch." Any community can turn on the image gallery feature, but community moderators must log in for their members to use it.

The function is available on desktop and iOS devices. Android devices will be supported next week. In the future, Reddit plans to add support for users who want to share multiple different types of files (GIFs, images, and videos) in a single post.

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