Wednesday , May 12 2021

Seattle police will use body cameras to protest new guidelines

(GeekWire Photo / Monica Nickelsburg)

The Seattle Police Department announced on Wednesday that officers were instructed to turn on their body-worn cameras during the protests to deviate from longstanding policies.

The new directive comes after Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan issued a regulation requiring cameras to be used during demonstrations.

The Seattle Police Department has been wearing body-worn cameras since 2017. However, a longstanding privacy policy for peaceful demonstrators prevented officials from using cameras during demonstrations in the past two weeks.

This guideline was written in consultation with civil rights groups such as the ACLU, according to which security cameras could make it easier for the police to track down and target demonstrators, especially in color communities where surveillance has taken place in the past.

"Effective immediately, all Seattle Police Department officers who work for demonstrations where they are in contact with the public must take body-worn video recordings during the demonstrations," the SPD said said in a statement.

Police agencies across the country have used body cameras as a tool to create transparency and trust in communities in recent years, but data on their effectiveness are mixed.

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