Monday , October 19 2020

The Boeing CEO promises to increase volume and increase funds to combat racism

David Calhoun, CEO of Boeing, will speak at Virginia Tech, his alma mater, in 2018. (Virginia Tech Photo)

In one Letter sent to employees todayBoeing CEO Dave Calhoun pledged to "increase the volume of dialogue on diversity and inclusion" – and said the company would increase its support for marginalized communities.

  • Calhoun said the new commitments come after a discussion sparked last month George Floyd dies in Minneapolis. "I was most affected by the large number of you who wanted us and I to do more," Calhoun wrote.
  • He said that Boeing is issuing a “leadership and other resources conversation guide” to lead discussions that may not always be pleasant. He also referred to a case about 10 days ago in which a Boeing employee was suspended and left the company after "making an abusive and harassing racist remark to a colleague in one of our facilities," as a sign of the company's intent , “Double our determination to adopt behaviors that violate our values ​​and violate our peers. "
  • "Over the next four years, we will double the $ 25 million we have already invested in partnerships that create a number of opportunities for marginalized communities," said Calhoun. Boeing is not the only aerospace company with a presence in the Seattle region that has underlined its commitment to combating racism: last week, Bob Smith, CEO of Amazon Origin's Jeff Origin, Blue Origin, Employees called "Thinking about what can be done and redoubling your efforts to create a fairer and more inclusive world."

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