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The startup veterinarian in Seattle is introducing KeeperHR to help employees use images to better express their personality

A LinkedIn profile or standard resume may show tough skills, but KeeperHR believes that funny animal pictures and more help express other traits. (KeeperHR images)

The fun GIFs and videos that you like and that you share with friends on social media platforms or in text messages can be just the kind of pictures that will enable you to do your next job or help you work better with a team to interact.

That is the hope of KeeperHR, a Seattle-based company founded by the serial entrepreneur a year ago Dean Graziano. The goal is to revolutionize the way employers rate soft skills and go beyond traditional resumes to highlight features such as a sense of humor, lifestyle, hobbies and work style.

These features are highlighted by a number of questions when creating a keeper profile and illustrated with fun animal GIFs to clips from movies.

Dean Graziano.

Graziano, who founded and managed companies such as Lively and uZoom, co-founded the social media analysis company Visible Technologies in 2004. This early work laid the foundation for his youngest company, particularly in terms of the way younger people and digital natives communicate with images.

"Everything that has to do with consumer-generated media is definitely an OG," said Graziano. "As an entrepreneur, I think that you are always looking for a gap in the market and you always want to fill this gap with a win-win scenario."

KeeperHR, also led by co-founder and CEO Vishal AhluwaliaThe New York City-based employee has raised approximately $ 750,000, has six employees, and Vodafone and Ogilvy are among the first customers to initially focus on corporate customers. Companies are encouraged to use the tool as part of their recruiting process or to hire current staff to determine the best fit for specific teams.

According to the keeper, 92 percent of talented professionals state that soft skills are as important or more important than hard skills, and 85 percent of professional success can be attributed to these soft skills.

While the focus is currently on the human resources department, Graziano can imagine that keeper is used for dating or even in education, where the creative side of a subject could influence admission to college.

We met Graziano for this startup Spotlight, a regular GeekWire function. Read on for his answers to our questionnaire:

What does your company do? Give us your 2-3 sets of elevator spacing. Optimize team performance, retain top employees and shape the workplace of the future by using our interactive portal to “reveal” soft skills.

By capturing valuable cultural, social, and behavioral insights using images, you can develop employee profiles and personalize the employee journey. Unlike LinkedIn, which shows someone's analytical side, Keeper uses the "other half of the brain", the creativity side, and is a profile that allows users to "show" who they are.

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Inspiration struck us when … The original spark for the idea came from the perspective of "dating".

One evening I spoke to my stepdaughter about her luck in “dating apps” like Tinder and I said to her, "It doesn't look like you'll ever get to the point. These profiles are nothing more than bikini pictures or faces of people." She agreed.

I then asked her to read me one of the text threads she had with potential data. She started reading one to me that said, "I'm with my children in Suncadia, there are so many great" activities "here." We laughed a little at the same time, because “Step Brothers” is a favorite film of ours. I said did he just say "Activities?"

In the spirit of persecution, I told my stepdaughter to send this link back to him and write back, "Did you just say activities?" and let's see what he says back. Two minutes later he writes back: "Oh, I haven't seen this film, my children, is it funny?" Immediately and viscerally she looked at me and gave the signal "He is out". "How could he not see Step Brothers, it's my favorite film," she said.

That was the starting point for what became a keeper. The ability for users to use images as a broken method to express their personality.

VC, Angel or Bootstrap (and why): We have made a first round with friends and family and are currently increasing our seed round. We have recently gained several brand customers and would like to continue our growth before we initiate our institutional or strategic series A rounds.

Our "secret sauce" is: Keeper fits into a favorite quote from us Jack Dorsey. "It's really hard to build something simple," and that's what we did with Keeper. It is a very small technological footprint and very easy to use, but it offers an infinite number of value propositions, use cases and industries for which it works. HR and human capital are just one of several ways to use our keeper concept.

The smartest step we've taken so far: When we as a team decided that the best place to get the keeper concept to market first was in the HR human capital industry. This is a great beach head industry and a use case for keepers.

The biggest mistake we have made so far: We made some decisions early on with our technical architecture, which put us a bit in a drawer and we are now concentrating on solving it. Thinking about your technical stack and scaling is an essential part of any startup.

Which leading entrepreneur or manager would you most like to work in your corner? Jeff Bezos immediately comes to mind. He has been pursuing an unprecedented growth path with Amazon for over 20 years. We like to think that as a team we are all as stubborn as Jeff. It's the only way to be, you have to be persistent about success. Having Jeff in our corner when times get tough would be more than valuable to us or any startup startup team.

Our favorite activity for team building is … During this period of COVID-19 and remote work, we try our best to mix and find as many fun team building exercises as possible. We look forward to standing in front of each other again and hiking this summer in the great Pacific Northwest.

The biggest thing we're looking for when hiring is … Soft skills and personality, of course. We will always rely on people first and second on their hard skills. We believe that if the hard skills checkbox had not already been checked, a candidate would not be standing in front of us regarding “hard skills”. We are always looking for real “keepers”.

What is the only advice you would give to other entrepreneurs who are just starting out: Energy creates energy. There is no substitute for hard work and making sure that everyone you meet knows your passion for your idea. Buy yourself into the leap of faith that you take with all your heart, because nothing is comparable to inner passion.

Company website: Keepers

Twitter: @keeperhr

LinkedIn: KeeperHR

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