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When the restaurants reopen in Seattle, the Feastfox recommendation platform will be launched to support guests

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Restaurants created due to the closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic could find guests lured back by a new startup in Seattle. Fox is an intelligent restaurant recommendation engine that allows users to find out where to eat based on personal preferences.

With the goal of strengthening independent facilities, Feastfox integrates data from review sites and other restaurant platforms to provide options for restaurants for a variety of meals and occasions.

Stuart Murless, left, and Daniel Petz from Feastfox. (Feastfox photos)

The company, which initially serves the Seattle area, was founded by the CEO Daniel Petz, Stuart Murless, the head of operations, and Endre Varga, Head of Development.

It starts when King County has moved to one modified "phase 1" to reopen certain stores. Feastfox is planned as a paid subscription service for guests and will waive the subscription fee until August 31 to encourage users to support local businesses.

"We want to help them survive in the market by making it easier for local guests to find them," said Petz, who served as Groupon's strategy and operations manager for two years. "This starts with the appearance of the" objective truth "for the guests, which is why we do not accept compensation from restaurants to be displayed."

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Feastfox does not receive payment from the recommended restaurants. Petz called current platforms like Yelp "Pay-to-Play" and said that they ultimately make both guests and restaurant operators fail.

"You might be the perfect place for someone, but if you've been outbid, chances are your restaurant will show up," he said. "Add the spread of fake reviews and there is no trust anymore."

Restaurant recommendations are based on a number of factors, including: how well they fit a user's personal taste profile; how well they are rated on all review pages; whether they fit a specific occasion such as a date or family dinner; Performance on relevant lists such as Eaters "Top Pizza Spots in Ballard"; and practical factors such as hours and services such as outdoor dining or roadside pickup.

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Murless, who has a background in investment banking and restaurant ownership, said that users who visit a restaurant are asked to provide feedback on their experience so that Feastfox can learn and improve constantly. Restaurants can be saved and favorites lists created for different occasions. Negative reactions lead to Feastfox not showing up the restaurant again.

“Restaurants have done their best to adapt to new formats required by COVID-19 measures. When they start to reopen and adjust their offerings, guests need help finding reliable information, ”said Petz. "We believe that the speed of our platform, the ease of use and the quality of the recommendations we give will drastically outperform existing participants in the technical area of ​​the restaurant."

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